Citizenship by Investment

Most of the countries offer residence to wealthy people and investors. Currently, only some nations provide the program of citizenship by investment. This category is designed to offer a straight and quick way of attaining citizenship depending upon the investment.

The program gives an opportunity to the candidate along with his family to obtain new citizenship and a passport legally in a hassle-free manner without any disturbance and in a very short time. Under this program, the candidate may or may not be expected to stay in the country before naturalization. Often, the obligatory residence is useful for the nation as the investors regularly pay their taxes and add to the growing economy of the country.

The Enterprise Group suggests you the most appropriate and beneficial programs. Some major perks of attaining citizenship include visa-free travel, business and transportation facilities, easy market access and chance to live in a modern civil society with beneficial services.

Moreover, citizenship by investment eliminates the period of normalization for those people who effectively add to the country’s economic growth. The investors can contribute to strengthen the state’s economy by donating funds to the government or by investing in real estate in the destination country.

The Citizenship by investment is a swift and a direct method to acquire citizenship.