Client Assistance

Our Client Assistance Program is designed to provide every client with individual information and full assistance.

The Enterprise Group helps the qualified and legal citizens and permanent residents to apply for a diverse array of immigration services. We will also offer guidance to the clients concerning the process of citizenship.

We have been offering valuable information and in-depth assistance to clients for years. Our team of highly skilled and professional experts helps with acquiring permanent or temporary immigration visa for managerial, professional and executive employees along with several other matters related to immigration. Our Legal services regarding business immigration encompass help with:

Finding and applying for the most suitable visa categories for those people who wish to stay in foreign countries on a temporary basis for a job or some other reasons related to business.

Arranging and processing the visas for permanent residency for professional and executive employees.

Offering counsel related to immigration law compliance to avoid any possible criminal and civil penalties.

Resolving the matters of the state department in different consulates and embassies across the globe.

Offering detailed counsel regarding immigration needs by the network of skilled Lawyers and Experts who are licensed in many other countries.