Post Landing Services

Post-Landing Services in Canada and Australia


Gold Package Settlement Services

You might be surprised to know that the immigration procedure comprises only 30 percent of the entire transition process. Shifting to any other country requires extensive preparation on your part. For your assistance, our experts will take care of the rest of 70 percent of the process by our personalized and comprehensive placement and settlement services. Thus, whichever country you choose to live in, we will help you to get settled. Not only we help you to settle in the new country, but our experts also work to groom you for the international job market. Once you land in the state of your choice, we will help you to find suitable employment.

Pre-Landing Services in your Native Country

We help our clients in a complete assessment of qualification. This evaluation is done by the professional bodies and well-known educational institutes in the immigration country.

Our team advice the clients on the current immigration laws along with sudden changes (if any). Besides, we guide them regarding the applicable conditions to meet the criteria for selection.

We also offer professional assistance and guidance concerning the applicants’ intended professions in their destination countries.

Our team of professionals also offers detailed information regarding the destination country.

We prepare our clients via the course of employment readiness for early and trouble-free settlement in their destination country once the client passes the interview at the visa processing office.

Our specialists also help them in preparation according to high international standards and formats preferred by foreign employers.

Post-Landing Services

We provide our clients with information regarding licensing and requirements for professional registration. We will also provide a list of potential employers and offer valuable information about the exams that you will have to take for acquiring registration and license in different countries.

Moreover, our experts also propose assistance for job search and help in certified exam preparation.

Our skilled counsellors organize highly advanced and detailed orientation sessions. These will be extremely helpful in guiding you to live comfortably in your preferred country. Through these sessions, all our clients will get to know more about the country in which they are going to live, and they will be given beneficial information.

The Enterprise Group has helped hundreds of people to settle in different countries easily. We aim to make your experience comfortable and offer a diverse range of pre and post landing services to provide guidance right from the start to the time you get settled.


Post Landing services for our valued clients

Before Landing in Australia

For the clients who are planning to move to Australia, our team of experts provides you with highly valuable and beneficial information regarding necessary preparation.

After Landing

  • We also guide the clients regarding the whole settlement procedure after they land in Australia. Our team is always there to respond to your queries via telephone and email.
  • Moreover, we also offer professional assistance and complete guidance related to their desired occupation in the country.
  • For ensuring a hassle-free experience, we forward the move plan of all our clients to our valued business partners in Australia. We inform them about two months before your landing at Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide or Melbourne.
  • We also facilitate the booking of suitable accommodation in the cities mentioned above for at least two weeks. Booking for longer duration can be made as per the clients’ requirements prior to their leaving the country.

Basic program activities

We offer assistance in every way possible to ensure a pleasant experience for all our clients.

We provide:

  • Detailed guidance for the job interview
  • Advice for polishing your resume according to Australian standard
  • Assistance in finding a suitable job
  • Help with orientation and job placement
  • Efficient support for personality development and English speaking
  • Registration with some professional companies of job placement as a skilled worker
  • A 30 minutes lesson regarding information and rules of a car driving
  • Complimentary sim cards for every client
  • The whole program will be equally divided into multiple sessions over a time of one week.

Additional Services

Our team also offers some other services to make things easy for you.

  • We offer pickup service for the clients once they arrive at the airport.
  • We also provide accommodation according to the clients’ demand for which they will have to pay. Shared accommodation is also available at subsidized rates.
  • We give a card for public transport with the validity of one week.
  • The Enterprise Group also provides support and guidance for driving lessons.
  • We also help the clients to open up a bank account.
  • We provide a detailed support session of one hour on significant government benefits offered by the human resource department to qualified candidates.
  • Our team also assists in buying and renting property.
  • We also help the clients to find a school and medical facilities according to your visa.
  • Our professionals assist in accessibility and applications for Kinder schools (if applicable)
  • We offer a session for information regarding insurance services
  • Our team of experts also helps the clients to meet immediate social requirements including the opening of bank account, acquiring a driving license, and guidance for obtaining Medicare.
  • For the clients’ who intend to send their children to school, we also offer guidance regarding admission in school.
  • Moreover, we offer complete guidance and detailed support regarding employment search and first job placement.
  • Along with these, even if you need help regarding any issue related to the settlement in Australia, we offer counseling sessions as well.