Skilled Worker Visa

The highly skilled people who wish to migrate to another country should apply for a skilled worker visa. It is issued depending upon the skills or academic background of the candidates. This visa category is made to assist qualified individuals who wish to find better career opportunities in various countries. Many countries welcome skilled people and give them a chance to earn a living, and they also add to the country’s economy.

In order to qualify for applying under this visa category, the applicants will have to take specific point tests. Besides, it is also vital to be eligible for the policy of skilled permanent residency.

Basically, skilled individuals are evaluated by considering their age, profession and language skills (primarily English). The candidates may apply by submitting the valid proof of residency of his native relative in that country or by giving their status and proof IDs. Besides, the candidates under the skilled visa category also need to undergo some medical checks prior to the approval of a permanent residency visa. Interestingly, the skilled visa holders can enjoy permanent residency. After spending a certain number of years in that country, they can legally acquire citizenship.